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The Swahili word “Mwanga” means “Light”. Our slogan is “Light at the end of the tunnel”. Mwanga Community Organization is dedicated to the care and protection of orphans and other vulnerable children so that they may realize their full potential in life. Mwanga Community Organization has learned from experience that it is vital to improve the conditions of the children’s families.


As such, Mwanga Community Organization creates sustainable interventions in the surrounding villages, focusing on the empowerment of the families–especially the women–who shoulder most of the responsibilities.


The targeted groups are the children, the youth and the women but the primarily the children who are the entry point to the entire household in order to effect a wider scope of service.
Mwanga Community Organization visualizes a world in which children are free from poverty and live in happiness; a world where every child can receive an adequate education; a world where children, even those born in a disadvantaged part of the world, can be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy to realize their full potential in life. Mwanga Community Organization is making this phenomenon a reality.


The organization uses holistic approaches in addressing issues related to children’s rights.


We are fully registered under the ministry of ICT, Gender and Social services, Our registration number is 001/CGK/DSS/VOLI/661

How to Help

  • Sponsor a Needy Child

  • Donate School Supplies

  • Send Mattresses, Beds, Mosquito Nets and Bedding

  • Donate Clothing, Footwear & Hygiene Products

  • Visit the Mwanga Community Organization Project

  • Volunteer at the Project

  • Write a Letter to a Needy Child

  • Tell All Your Friends about Us