The Mwanga Community Organization was born of a desire of Geni Simaloi Joshua’s to put into action solutions to the problems she had been long observing. Geni had been visiting Rombo Village for many years, to see a child whose primary education she had been sponsoring. Rombo Village is in rural Loitokitok Sub County, Kajjiado South County in Kenya.  Rombo borders Tanzania at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.  While in Rombo she witnessed the disadvantages vulnerable children in rural and remote areas face.  The causes of these disadvantages are various but often they are due to single parents failing to make ends meet and being unable to take care of their children, or due to both parents dying of hunger and disease.


Geni thought of finding a way to help these vulnerable children by providing for their daily needs. Her vision was to provide them with the equivalent of the care and love she gives her own children.  To that end, she sought to enlist the help of her friend, Vickie Kihoro, with whom she had been visiting orphanages over the years.  Together, they began providing the children much needed support.  Ultimately, it was Geni’s and Vickie’s desire to do more that gave them the impetus to achieve this goal through a concerted effort to start raising funds to help vulnerable children in rural and remote areas.  Therein lies the birth of Mwanga Community Organization.


Our Mission Statement:

  • Rescuing abandoned, orphaned, and at- risk babies

  • Restoring hope and renewing dignity to widows, single women who have been abandoned by their husband due to poverty and alcoholism through education, business opportunities, parenting skills and spiritual guidance.

  • Reuniting children with extended families, also prevent them from engaging in risky behavior and/ or dangerous situations that compromise their future




We are committed to integrity towards our mission through open communication to all people and Organizations.


We value teamwork through the sharing of ideas among us, local peoples & donors, our staff and all other organizations involved in supporting our mission.


We value a spirit of goodwill and believe that we can best serve the community through demonstrated kindness, caring and support.

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