Why Support Mwanga Home Care?


Mwanga Community Organization need your support because there is:

  • A growing number of abandoned children largely caused by poverty

  • Increased levels of immoral and disorderly behavior largely caused by lack of moral guidance during childhood and associated high mortality rate a high incidence HIV / AIDS

  • A reduced attendance in school largely caused by poverty and young girls dropping out of school for forced early marriage

  • Increased number of Single women who are left failing to make ends meet and being unable to take care of their children, due to husbands abandoning the families or due to parents dying of hunger/  diseases and alcoholism


Sponsor a Needy Child


Many of our donors enjoy the personal gift of supporting a particular child. By sponsoring a child you can watch be sure that you are making a difference by ensuring that child gets an education and giving the child opportunities that people in many countries around the world take for granted.


How to Sponsor a Child:


Sponsorship is arranged by contacting the project founder Geni Simaloi Joshua, Sponsorship is used to meet education costs and is just $50 US per month.


Donate School Supplies


One of the best and most common ways to help the children is to send school supplies. Any school supply that you would typically expect to use in a school in your country is of great value to the Mwanga Home Care.



Send Mattresses, Beds, Mosquito Nets and Bedding


This needy children live  in very poor conditions. Most children do not sleep in a bed at night. Some children sleep on a mat on the floor and some children sleep directly on the floor.



The provision of mattresses, beds, and bedding will significantly improve the living conditions and ability to realize the benefits of attending school. The provision of mosquito nets will preserve life by assisting in the prevention of vector-borne diseases. Typically the cost of shipping will be prohibitive to sending large items however bedding, pillow cases, material, pillows and manchester generally (including second-hand items in good condition) may be able to be sent at a reasonable cost.



Donate Clothing, Footwear & Hygiene Products


You can help the children by sending clothing and footwear. Any clothing and footwear that you would typically consider for children in your country is of great value to the needy children. The children are of all ages between 0 and 15 and so any clothing of an appropriate size and quality will be suitable.



Mwanga Community Organization strategy is to provide personal hygiene education and products so that pupils can maintain their well-being, are comfortable, have settled morale and in turn are able to concentrate on their studies. You can help the children by sending personal health and hygiene products. Any personal health and hygiene products that you would typically expect to use in your country is of great value to the needy children.



Visit the Mwanga Community Organization Project


If you are already travelling to Kenya or Tanzania, or on your way to see the Mount Kilimanjaro, even if you are thinking about planning some travel why not visit the Mwanga Community Organization to see how the needy children live, where they go to school and maybe if you are lucky the children will do some traditional African dancing and singing for you!


Volunteer at the Project


Volunteering at the project is a wonderful and rewarding way to contribute to the well being of the needy children. You get to experience first hand the lives of the needy children and at the same time help them.
Volunteering can be organized by an email to


Write a Letter to a Needy Child


There are so many ways to become engaged with the project. Writing a letter to a needy child helps it to understand that people around the world are interested in their well-being. The older children will be able to practice reading and writing English and may even be able to teach about their communities, history and culture and also some of their language.


Tell All Your Friends about Us


One of the best ways to help the needy children is to spread the word about Mwanga Home Care. The more people that know about the message of the Mwanga Home Care and what we are trying to achieve is beneficial in getting help and assistance that the needy children need.


Please tell all your friends on Facebook, twitter and any other social media outlet you use and don’t forget to tell people in general conversation. You help is hugely and greatly appreciated.