Our Children

Vanessa leina .

Date of birth: 15 /09 /2001 Age: 16yrs

Vanessa is one of the very bright Maasai girls, our CEO met her in one of the supporting events that she was attending. After a conversation, Vanessa mentioned her dreams of becoming a leader in spite of her many challenges such as school fees, that’s how we started with her, she was in Standard 4 then and now she is proceeding with her high school education.

Winfrida Daniel

Winny was brought to us by her grandmother who she was living with, her main challenge was to provide her Education, she explained that they could not even afford meal a day to see Winny getting strong, from then we started taking of Winny, she had already start school so we continued supporting her from the same school. Winny’s dream is to become a teacher, lets support her dream by making sure she get Education and a standard life

Peter Seremi

Date of birth: 27 /07 /2010 Age: 7yrs

Peter, was brought to us by her mother who is a single mother from Rombo Village, the mothee has been left alone to take care of 4 kids and the burden was too much for her, from then we started supporting Peter and we registered him to school and now he is in class 2. Peter’s dream is to become a doctor, Please lets suport his dream by giving him education and a standard life.

Oscar jackob

     Date of Birth: 8/1/2014

We have started taking care of Oscar since he was 1 year old, the mother who struggles to see the ends meet for Oscar and other siblings had nothing to feed them so we started providing food and clothes to Oscar
Oscar is suppose to start Kindegarten next year (2018) please lets support Oscar so as he can see himself with school uniforms next year.