Mwanga Community Based Organization offers internship and volunteerprogrammesthat  give interns great opportunities to develop their own skills and see the tangible benefits of their work on the local communities.

We have numerous internship placements offering practical training. We tailor your placements to your area of study, and all internships are in English.The typical length of an internship is between 2 weeks and 3 months, but we can also cater for longer programmes. Start and end dates are dependent upon the participant.



Hospitals and health cares

Rombo mission health care

Njukini Health care

Mailitatu health care

Loitokitok District hospital



Perfect primary Schhol

MunyuraCommunity Primary School

Njukini Primary School

Entara Primary School

Rombo Mission secondary and primary Schools

St, Clares secondary School

Enchurai Primary School



Hospitals and health cares

Tarakea Health Care

Marangu Hospital

KCMC Hospital

St Joseph Hospital





  • Visit our website and explore the placement introductions. Choose appropriate internship/voluntary work/teacher exchange placement for yourself and send us an email. If you can’t find suitable placement please write the description to the email.


  • Volunteers should contact us for the first time latest about 1 months before coming to Kenya or Tanzania. People coming to do internship or teacher exchange should contact us for the first time latest 2 months before coming to Kenya or  Tanzania.

  • Send us your CV and Letter of Motivation, both in English. Tell in short about yourself, about your studies/education, about your previous work experience on that field and also if you have done some previous internships at the field. In the Letter of Motivation you should also mention the dates and the length of the internship/volunteering period.


  • Remember that the documents are for your placement, not for Mwanga Org.


  • If you have choose a placement from our list, we will confirm from the placement that they have a possibility for you to work. 


  • If you have sent a description of new placement we will find that for you. 


  • If you are coming to do your internship, you need to send us contact information for the teacher who takes care of international internships in your school. We will contact him/ her about the contract.


  • We will make a contract with the placement of your choice and send it to you to be signed by you (and your school).


  • At latest at this point you need to book your flights to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport  Kenya or Kilimanjaro International Airport Tanzania  and send us your flight details. 


  • When you book your flights remember that you can stay only exactly 3 months in Tanzania with your business visa. (e.g if you enter the country on 3rd of March you need to exit latest on 3rd of June)




  • We will send you the invoice and instructions for a proper working permit.

If your internship/voluntary work/teacher exchange lasts 3 months or less you will follow these instructions:

  • You will enter the country and purchase a business visa on arrival. The price for business visa is 250 USD (from USA and Ireland price is 300 USD). 


  • For the business visa application you need to fill the following information:

    • Your address in Kenya: Mwanga Community Organization, P.O.Box Loitokitok- Kenya.

    • Phone number: Vickie Kihoro +254 722 74 23 66

    • Your Adress in Tanzania: P.O. Box 13792 Moshi Tanzania

    • Phone number : +255 767 995 682


  • Make sure that your passport is valid 6 months after you trip.


  • Get all the vaccinations needed:

    • A and B hepatitis

    • Yellow fever (you need to show the vaccination certification at the airport)

    • MMR­ vaccination

    • Tetanus

    • Cholera (optional)

    • Get malaria prophylaxis

    • Get adequate insurance for yourself and your luggage

    • Typhoid fever (optional)