Currently we are supporting these kids and their families from within their own homes. The purpose of this project is to support those children who are living in difficult environments in order to monitor their education and their general wellbeing. The project is located at our headquarters (Rombo Village) on a one-hectare piece of land, specifically selected as the most convenient location because there is a school behind it.


Long-term projects include building dormitories and other out-houses for boarding children and staff as demonstrated in the video and pictures below.

Contact Information






P.O.Box 002 Loitokitok- Kenya.

USA Contact Person;

               Rob Mutisya Ndambuki

               Tel#  +1(509)592-8273

               Fax# +1(509)715-1040


             218 NW Sunrise Dr,

             Pullman WA 99163 USA



Austria Contact Person; 

             Bettina Zizt Maasa

Phone:   +436641114939



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